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Our unique design process is what distinguishes us in our profession



Gather all facts about the program and site

This is a fact gathering phase-we find out as much about the project as we can from the client, previous design professionals and jurisdictional influences in zoning and land use matters.  We visit the site and areas around it to influence our thinking.  We obtain copies of surveys, existing structures and compass orientation. We find out the clients’  key objectives for the project and help quantify size, shape, functional needs and budget expectations.  We also determine key dates needs for various upcoming events.


Create on-site Design Charette with owner(s)

In this phase, we typically pack up our computers, gather all the information we collected during our “gathering” phase and setup a design studio at the client(s) offices.  We analyze all aspects of the project directly with the people who have engaged our firm as “problem solvers” for the design of their new project.  We discuss and test options – clients and their consultants (if  any) always have good ideas to offer. We put all these ideas together and scale them to the site while we consider orientation, access, circulation clarity for both cars and trucks and also people. The final outcome is a 3-D mass model on the site that best satisfies all of the requirements of the elements we discussed. This is our concept of the site and the building(s) which we build on.


Embrace Design Concept and Refine

Next we embrace, examine and enhance the concepts we generated at our charette and guide them into architecture.  Good architecture is not accidental; it is a thoughtful deliberation that manifests itself into a very special building which if done well, becomes one with its site and surroundings.  We look at entry, service, impact, visibility, context, windows, doors, space, materials, technologies and their interface with each other. We look at textures, colors, performance characteristics and their impact on our planet. All things are important- each impacts the outcome where people live, stay, play, work, study, get well, grow old and enjoy.  We all want that interaction to be fabulous; not adequate – in every way, every day! Only well intentioned and sensitively buildings enjoy that distinction.  We want all our projects to achieve this goal.


Schematic designs in all key disciplines.

We are now prepared to develop our scheme and articulate it with more detailed drawings of all aspects of the building. Dimensioned floor plans, building sections of several types to describe its nature in finite terms.  We concurrently develop the building’s engineering systems that include lighting, power, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, structural systems and interior design. For most of these important functions we choose a team of consultants that we carefully select based on the type of the building and it’s special needs. Once these technical drawings are developed by our consultants, we all work in unison to coordinate all of these engineering disciplines into a single design solution.


Develop Design into working drawings for permits

After all systems are developed and coordinated we enter the final drawing phase and prepare our project for permitting thorough all the agencies that will review everything from screw and bolt patterns, energy calculations, life safety and code assessments, duct and fresh air calculations, building and setback distances and lot coverage percentages, wind load and uplift calculations and much, much more.  Too bad there isn’t a review for aesthetics, environmental fit, scale, spatial quality and materials durability and longevity strengths. They all leave those  important factors to the architects – when you look around at all the mediocrity that slips by that we are all forced to tolerate for 50 to 100 years; we suddenly realize and recognize that good design matters.


Execute on-site and office reviews of key subjects and shop drawings

Architecture is art until it undergoes the vigor of permitting and the final state of creation and construction. The ultimate test of our exuberant design charette is the execution of the drawings. It starts with scores of submittals that must be reviewed by the design team, the architects and the engineers of record. It is their license that undergoes the ultimate test.  We review technical submittal for windows, doors, and hardware, all building and engineering methods and materials and virtually everything that is purchased and installed in our new facility. A daunting task and serious responsibility indeed. Yet,we accept it all as routine and critical to the process of outstanding design.  When it is finally occupied, we begin to play out the test of time – longevity.  The average designs survive; the great design live forever.